Religion is nothing more than a fallacy, used to control one through their spirituality. A church is no more righteous than the thoughts in its head, and the actions of the body while it’s fed. The path to your spiritual call is not within the vanity of four walls. Or under a steeple full of […]

Love your enemy as your friend. Do not base how you treat them on their sin, but the love in your heart you carry within. When your friend realizes you are not one of them. They will return your love and call you a friend. Forgiveness is a bridge that must be crossed, or everything […]

When a deceitful person speaks falsehoods boldly in the light, it is only a matter of time before they retreat quietly back into the night. If you always keep love in your heart, speak the truth, and stop activities that are not in the light, Christ will restore your sight, and you will see that […]

Anger will only put your heart in danger. As you drift further from the love born in a manger. Never let the worlds negativity take your eye off the nativity. There is no peace to be found in retribution. It will never heal your hearts situation. Once you drop the bomb. Everything you love will […]

No amount of any indulgence will comfort your heart, satisfy your mind, or complete your soul.  It will only add to your confusion and lack of soulful completeness. What you are looking for to fill the emptiness in your heart is already there, but it must be found and understood. Otherwise you will just go […]

Faith is walking forward with love and hope in all parts of your soul. When you can’t see God, but always feel him making you whole. It’s walking forward to a place that you see in your heart, even when everything around you is falling apart. When you feel your back is against the Red […]